Usher's Duties


1. USHERS, please check mailbox & bulletin board located in the cry room.
2. Check doors & windows, to be opened or locked as needed, including basement door.
3. Distribute collection baskets, place bulletins at both doors.
4. LEAD USHER, should check with Father for any special needs ( extra collections etc.)
5. Important part of usher duties is to MEET & GREET Parishioners.
6. If not approached by families for the Mass intention, ask others to carry the gifts.
7. Collection baskets should be put away after the last Sunday Mass.
8. After Saturday night & last Sunday Mass, all doors should be locked.
9. Please keep noise & movement to a minimum during Mass. Please seat any late comers to the left or right, IF the I'' reading has started.
10. To reserve pews, reserve signs are in the closet, in the cry room.
11. Ushers attending any Holy Day Mass, please volunteer to serve & help with our duties.
12. TWO people are to put money in bags. Keeping bag numbers in order, place collection in provided bags. If necessary, use 2 bags for 1" collection, MARK each bag #1, second collection bag with #2. PUT the date & mass time on each bag.  Can use initials.
13. Clean, check pews & put kneelers in upright position after all Masses.
14. Ushers at Saturday night Mass, please post bulletin in the cry room and the Sacristy.
15. Leave any lost items on the table in the Vestibule.
16. Ushers need to be familiar with exits, fire extinguishers, & first aid kits for any accidents.
17. The telephone in the Sacristy is for emergency use only, it only dials out 911 .
18. There are 3 wheel chairs provided for church. 2 located at church level & 1 downstairs.
19. At least 30 chairs are stored in the visitor confessional. All others to return to Cafeteria.
20. Phone numbers are provided, PLEASE be considerate of personal info.
21. PLEASE return USHER PINS to there proper place.
22. Fathers Sacristy door is to be kept closed and bathroom is off limits.

Thank you for all your help throughout the year. It is really appreciated by Father.
Please check bulletin for all Mass schedules.